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New UEV-490
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The UEV-490 is our biggest Urban Escape Vehicle. this versatile camper is simply the pinnacle for off-road campers.With its hassle-free setup the 490 offers a variety of sleeping options. READ MORE...


The UEV-490 is our biggest Urban Escape Vehicle. This versatile camper is simply the pinnacle for off-road campers.With luxuries such as diesel hot water system, interior heating, microwave, shower, fridge/freezer, full kitchen complete with cutlery and crockery and even a flat screen DVD player you will fall in love with this truly ultimate off-road camper. From $58,795AUD 

Camper Layout

UEV-490 Layout



  • Fully patented independent trailing arm suspension with coil springs and Tough Dog shock absorbers
  • Suspension travel/ride can be configured for maximum performance for on & off-road conditions
  • Rear legs are an integral part in caravan design (no loose jacks or handles)
  • 12 inch off-road electric drum brakes plus emergency spare hub/stub axle bolted to rear of Caravan
  • Various wheel offsets, stud patterns and tyre sizes available to suit tow vehicle

Body Construction

  • Body strength ensured be skeletal construction with cladding which minimizes weight
  • All body parts are CNC manufactured ensuring easy interchangeability of parts
  • All openings are furnished with automotive industry door seals
  • External fan & Uni filter to pressurise interior of Caravan to help prevent dust intake
  • All parts are electro galvanized and epoxy coated and Chassis beams are hot dipped galvanized
  • No wood, fiberglass or other degradable materials are used in our construction which eliminates wood rot, paint cracking and fatigue caused by off-road conditions
  • TARE/real life tow weight of 1350kg (incl. 285/75 R16 tyres, full awnings & poles, canvas, full kitchen with cutlery & crockery, dual batteries) *Many manufactures TARE weights do not include equipment such as this

Layout and Unique Features

  • 2x larger than standard double beds, 1x double bed and 1x single or 3x single bed options
  • Hassle-free fold out tent in front of Caravan larger than normal double bed
  • 140lt poly ethylene water tanks with low centre of gravity but located out of harm’s way in off-road conditions (more water storage available depending configuration)
  • All furniture and cupboards manufactured from aluminum with canvas fabric doors
  • Designated space for all equipment accessories and utensils provided
  • Large nosecone with room for pressurised pump, diesel hot water system and other camping equipment
  • Interior was designed for maximum space for ample headroom and large beds
  • Designated mountings for 2 x jerry cans, 2 x gas bottles, spare wheel & hub, axe, spade etc
  • Rear mounted carrier for items like fire wood, tent, high lift jack etc
  • Designated fixed pouches for all tents, awnings, ropes and poles
  • Tent design streamlined with a minimum amount of poles and ropes
  • Canvas manufactured from heavy duty lightweight Australian canvas
  • Modular design provides for a large number of configurations
  • Ample provision made for ventilation and visibility from inside
  • A variety of different stone guard protection nets are available
  • Intelligent powerpack and C-tek charging system


  • 74L or 90L stainless steel fridge/freezer combo with individual controls- easily accessible
  • Hot and cold water available thanks to diesel hot water system
  • Massive awning that covers the whole kitchen area and entry ways on both sides
  • Huge kitchen/groceries cupboard and work surface on outside plus reachable from inside as well
  • Modular slide out units for kitchen, bathroom, fridge, stove and storage shelves


  • Located in opposite side to kitchen for privacy
  • Designated shower and tent with sides
  • Hot and cold water available at wash basin and shower

Outside living

All facilities in the caravan, kitchen, bathroom, fridge, cooking utensils, stove, bar and storage compartments are accessed from outside of the caravan for real outdoor living. In adverse conditions most of these facilities can be accessed from inside of caravan as well.